WarFace PC 2012

Nome: WarFace BETA PC 2012
Desenvolvedor: Crytek
Distribuidor: Crytek
Plataforma: PC
Gênero: Tiro / Moderno
Faixa etária: 13 anos ou mais
Lançamento: 2012
Ídiomas: Russo/Inglês
Tamanho: 2,26 Gib

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Requisitos Mínimos:

Traduzindo ..

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Site registro russo:
We will be using the Russian version Because that will be the easiest.Don’t Worry I have included English Files too

1.Navigate to Warface

(Translate it to English if you like.)

2.Click on this button

3.A new page will load.

Now click on this button.

4.It will download a file named “WarfaceLoader.exe You can also download it from This Torrent”

(Run it once downloaded.)

If you have done it correctly you will get thise window

Check the checkbox. And press “OK” (Change Directory If you want)

Make sure you allow it in Windows Firewall.

5.If done correctly you will get this window

6.It started downloading automaticly. It might take a while to download.

Pressing this button Will cancel the progress, So don’t press it.

7.Once Downloaded the game from here or Directly from Servers then green button will appear, press it.

8.A Dialog will appear, Press OK.

9.It will now install some updates or something like that.

If it is done Downloading another green button will appear, also press it.

10.This dialog will pop up. Press E-Mail.

11.A Website will load (translate to english to make it understandable).

Enter your Email address and a Nickname.

After that press the red button at the bottom.

12.Go Back the Launcher and enter the credentials.

13.Accept the Windows Firewall stuff.

14.Warface will start directly. Close Warface again to make the game language English.

15.Download this file From this Torrent: Warface English Pak.rar

Open it up in WinRAR there will be 2 files

16.Now go to your Games Directory. Then navigate to Warface > Game > Localized

Extract the 2 Files you downloaded earlier into that folder, overwritting the “Russian.pak” file. (You may create a backup of it if you want.)

17.Launch Warface using the Green button in the launcher or by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

18.Once the game is launched you will be asked to create a profile. Since you cannot use normal letters from the alphabet you need to create a name with only numbers (or you have a russian keyboard somewhere).

19.Start playing the game before it gets released in Europe/America or Other Country

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  1. Andrei
    Publicado em 07/03/2014 [+]

    esse jogo e muito masa mas eu nao comsigo baixa

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